Storm Drain Cleaning and Maintenance in Orange County

Businesses in areas that experience substantial rainfall or heavy storms rely greatly on the storm drains around their buildings. Storms drains that are clogged cannot perform their jobs well. Rainwater that is supposed to be collected and directed away from a building does the opposite. The result? Flooding, sewer line backups, and, inevitably, costly repairs.

Don’t let this happen to your business. Don’t risk expensive repairs and a loss in revenue due to unexpected shutdowns. Instead, call Plumbing and let us help you today. Our commercial drain and sewer services include storm drain maintenance, cleaning, and emergency repair. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days out of the year, you can count on the licensed plumbers at Plumbing to provide you with the following services.


This service is also called water-jetting or Scour-jetting. No matter what you call, we call it a good deal for your storm drains. This method of storm drain cleaning attack clogs using high-pressurized water. Clogs form in storm drains when sludge, street debris, oil, and other trash or waste materials accumulate. Over time, the clog gets so big that rainwater can’t pass through and backups occur. Adding hydro-jetting to your plumbing maintenance routine once or twice a year can protect your property from storm drain flooding during heavy rains.

Emergency Flood Response in Orange County

Southern California is known for its predisposition to drought conditions, but when the rain does fall it can come down fast and heavy. When a downpour strikes, pay close attention to the storm drains around your building. If you observe puddling or other signs of a backup, call us right away. We’ll get a team out to your building immediately to relieve the blockage and prevent excessive flood damage.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Blocked sewer lines can lead to unsanitary conditions that put the occupants of your property at risk. Commercial properties are bigger by nature and endure a lot more wear and tear than residential properties, which leads to clogs that form quickly. Plumbing offers one-of-a-kind sewer line cleaning services to get rid of tree roots, grease, waste buildup, mineral deposits and more. Call us today to evaluate your sewer line and to take action before it becomes an emergency situation.

At Plumbing, we take your business seriously. Businesses in Orange County from Anaheim to Sunset Beach know they can count on the pros at Plumbing to respond fast and perform impeccable work 24/7. To schedule a maintenance service or for emergency repairs, give us a call today.