Local Companies Choose vista-cars.ru Plumbing for Commercial Water Heater Repair in Orange County

Is your business struggling with a broken water heater? Hot water is essential for all businesses regardless of the industry you are in. vista-cars.ru Plumbing knows that in order to keep your company running like the well-oiled machine that it is that you need reliable plumbing service on your schedule. For years, we have been happy to provide complete commercial water heater repair services in Orange County, CA. Call today to learn more!

Water heater repair services involve not only making adjustments when things go wrong, but also helping business owners with installation and maintenance. vista-cars.ru Plumbing plumbers are licensed to install and work on all brands and types of commercial water heaters, including industrial-sized, gas-fired commercial heaters.

Expert Repair Services for Common Water Heater Repair Problems

Water heaters have one job and that is to deliver hot water to the taps or spigots in your business. When a water heater fails to do its job properly, there are a few possibilities that our certified plumbers investigate depending on the symptoms you report.

Inconsistent Heating

Is your water heater not heating the water as well as it used to? Are you receiving complaints that water in your building doesn’t stay hot for long? Or is lukewarm? The following are a few possibilities that could be causing this problem:

  • Broken thermostat
  • Thermostat is installed incorrectly
  • Thermostat is set at the wrong setting

No Hot Water

When there is no hot water present, it is most likely a problem with the burners. If you have an older water heating system, the burners may be bad and need to be replaced. However, it could also be that your water heater simply needs a good cleaning. Sediment from hard water can settle into your water heater’s tank and clogged the burners.

If you have a gas-fired water heater, our plumbers will first check the pilot light to make sure it is still lit. It is common for pilot lights to extinguish and need to be relit from time to time. This is a simple procedure that will get your water heater working again in no time at all.

Rusty Water

Water that flows from your taps that is rust-colored is a sign you need a plumber to look at your water heater right away. The rust-colored water could be coming from pipes that are corroded, but in many cases the issue is corrosion inside the tank. Unfortunately, this situation is usually only resolved by replacing the hot water heater unit.

Don’t Wait to Call for Commercial Water Heater Repair Services in Orange County, CA!

The longer you wait to take care of hot water heater problems, the more likely it is that repairs will be more expensive. To learn more about our water heater maintenance programs and our commercial water heater installation services, call vista-cars.ru Plumbing today!

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