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We are the guys who will do the dirty jobs that you should not have to do around your Orange County, CA, home. You have no desire to go down and clean and repair the sewer lines, right? That’s when you call the experts for sewer line repair services in Orange County, CA, Plumbing. We are the guys with 90+ years of plumbing heritage and experience in doing residential drain cleaning, sewer line inspection, sewer line repair and rooter service. We are also emergency 24 hour plumbers, so if you find that sewage is backing up into your basement or home and it’s a holiday, weekend or the middle of the night you can still call us and we’ll provide fast and reliable service from licensed, industry certified plumbers who are honest and professional about their work. We fix clogged drains and broken sewer lines fast and back our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Professional Sewer Line Repair Services in Orange County, CA

It takes special skill and training to handle the sewer line repairs that need to be done from time to time. Fortunately, here at Plumbing, we are the best trained plumbers in the industry. We can do a video camera inspection of the sewer lines and sewer drains inside your home to find the leaks, cracks and clogs that can be causing the problem. We then use hydro-jetting technology, which involves the use of high pressure water jets, to clear out the problems so that your sewer line drains the way it’s supposed to.

Reliable, Industry Certified Preventative Sewer Line Maintenance

It also pays to call us out to your home once or twice a year for preventative maintenance. We provide preventative sewer line inspection and maintenance in Orange County, CA, by using the video camera inspection and hydro-jetting methods listed above. We can stopped clogged drains from happening by blasting away the dirt and debris that can build up before the clogs even start. Our rooter service is guaranteed and we have the highest standards of quality workmanship around.

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Call us today and get written estimates in advance for all of our sewer line repair services in Orange County, CA. We’ll leave no mess to clean up when we’re done, too! Call us for an appointment!