Additional Commercial Plumbing Services in Phoenix Metro Plumbing in Phoenix Metro offers a complete menu of commercial plumbing services. In addition to our design/build, new construction, water conservation, and tenant improvement services, we can also assist you with additional services described below.

Backflow Prevention

All commercial buildings must submit to annual backflow testing. Have you been using a backflow testing company to meet this requirement? Testing companies can detect problems, but they do not have plumbers on their team to fix the problem right away. At Plumbing, we do it all. We’ll test your system for backflow problems, make repairs immediately, and submit the required compliance documentation to city officials. We make fulfilling your legal obligation quick and easy.

Sewer Relining Services

Sewer line repair can be a messy job. Luckily, technology makes this job easier requiring less interruption of the workplace, lower costs, and quicker solutions. Our commercial plumbers use sewer relining whenever possible. A one-entry-point process, sewer relining doesn’t require extensive excavation of landscaping, asphalt or concrete surfaces. If you have a damaged sewer line, give us a call and we’ll send a team member to your business for a free evaluation of your building’s sewer pipes.

If your pipes qualify for this service, the process involves cleaning the line with pressurized water from the Scour Jet, installing a new liner, and testing the pipe to make sure the process corrected the problem. Sewer relining can be completed within a day in most cases.

We’re Your Top-rated Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, LEED, and ADA Contractors!

Today’s environmental standards require businesses to make changes to their existing plumbing systems. Older buildings may have fixtures that waste water. It’s important to have your building’s plumbing system evaluated for energy efficiency and LEED requirements to keep up with water conservation mandates. It is equally important that your building meets ADA requirements. At Plumbing, we’ll evaluate your building’s system for compliance across the board.

Our plumbers can suggest retrofit options to keep complying with ADA and water conservation mandates affordable. We’ll even help you find rebates and other incentives for additional savings! Compliance with local and federal mandates doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Mold Removal and Restoration

Mold can form quickly and spread like a wildfire leaving behind costly destruction to your building. Protect your building and keep your tenants, employees, and customers healthy. We offer complete mold removal and restoration services. Our licensed, commercial plumbers will identify the source of the mold, fix the plumbing problem, and then call in restoration efforts to help you replace drywall, flooring, and other parts of the building’s structure that were compromised.

Phoenix Metro businesses rely on Plumbing for quality repairs, installations, and evaluations 24/7. To discover the many ways we can keep your building’s plumbing system working well call us today!