Fast Response for San Diego County Commercial Storm Drain Cleaning

When heavy rains pound San Diego, flooding can happen in the blink of an eye if the storm drain on your property isn’t cleaned. Blocked storm drains can blindside owners and lead to expensive repairs. These drains are often ignored by property owners until water backs up into the street or the yard.

Don’t become a victim of a clogged storm drain. If you’re in a precarious situation, don’t panic. Plumbing of San Diego is here to help! Get professional storm drain cleaning in San Diego today.

Tell Me More about How Storm Drains Function

The sole purpose of these drains is to collect rainwaters. On a property, there are water pipes that remove wastewater, water pipes that deliver fresh water to plumbing fixtures, and, on some properties, pipes that direct rainwater away from your building to prevent flooding and the contamination of clean water.

Storm drains not only collect rainwater, but they also amass asphalt, trash, sediment, sand, and even trash. Over time, it’s only natural that the drain will develop sludge and form clogs. Small amounts of water may be able to pass through these obstructions, but during heavy downpours too much water is coming to fast and flooding will occur.

The Good News Is that YOU Can Prevent Flooding

Commercial property owners do not need to be at the mercy of their storm drains. With a little bit of awareness and prevention efforts, you can keep water moving through the drain in the right direction.

Inspect Your Drains: You don’t have to be a licensed plumber to notice small problems. For example, on days when it rains just a little, walk out to the drain and note how fast the water moves into the drain. Is the water puddling rather quickly? If the answer is yes, call a plumber to come out and inspect the drain. Puddling is a good indication there is a clog.

Clean Storm Drains Regularly: The best prevention method is regular storm drain cleaning. Commercial customers may need twice-a-year or quarterly cleanings depending on the location of the property.

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