San Gabriel Valley Storm Drain Cleaning for Commercial Property Owners

When heavy rain showers come to the San Gabriel Valley, flooding can happen in an instant if your property’s storm drains are not cleaned out. Congested storm drains cause thousands of dollars of damage every year leaving unprepared homeowners and building operators wondering what went wrong. Don’t let this happen to you.

Storm drains may seem like they don’t do much, but they have a very important job. They are responsible for directing water away from streets, yards, and homes to prevent water from collecting and puddling. When these drains are blocked from organic debris like asphalt runoff, sand, and sediment sludge or even trash, water can’t move freely. This can be a major problem when rain becomes heavy.

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How Storm Drains Work

Storm drains have two important responsibilities. They accommodate rainwater and they direct this water in the opposite direction of your property and the street or sidewalks. When blockages develop in these drains, it is impossible for the storm drain to do its job effectively. While it may not be a big deal during a small shower, it is when torrential rains batter the area that problems occur. The situation can go from zero to 60 in a matter of minutes.

You Can Prevent Storm Drain Flooding

Awareness and prevention are the two ways homeowners and commercial property managers stop damage from congested storm drains.

Awareness: Pay close attention to how fast water moves away from the street and through the drain during small rain events. If the water seems to puddle or pool near the drain, this is a good indication that there may be a blockage in the storm drain.

Prevention: Are you regularly cleaning the storm drain? Yearly drain cleaning can get rid of the debris that the drain swallows. Some commercial properties such as those in the food industry may need more frequent cleanouts.

To find out how often you should be cleaning your storm drain, contact your local, San Gabriel Valley plumber for more information.

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