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Top 2 Commercial Water Heater Repairs

For the most part hot water heaters are reliable plumbing appliances. But, like all plumbing components, they can experience problems from time to time. All businesses regardless of their trade or industry need to have an operating hot water system to provide convenience, comfort, and sanitation to the people inside the building. Here are two of the most common reasons for commercial water heater repair in San Jose, CA.

#1 – Heating Problems

Obviously you want your water heater to heat the water coming out of your faucets. So, when this doesn’t happen you have a problem on your hands. Faulty thermostats can cause water too cool too fast, not produce enough hot water, or not produce any hot water at all.

A bad pilot light can also cause frigid water to flow from your tap. This happens frequently with gas-fired water heaters. Sometimes the pilot light isn’t even bad. It simply got blown out.

If your thermostat and your pilot light are fine, you may have a problem with your unit’s burners. Burners can stops doing their job when sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank. For buildings with especially hard water this can be a common problem and can affect the burners.

#2 – Rust-Colored Water Flowing from the Tap

Have customers, employees, or tenants been complaining about dirty water flowing from the tap? Hard water can cause this problem, but so can rust in the pipes or in the tank. Rusty pipes can be contended with, but when rust develops in the tank it is almost always time to consider commercial water heater replacement.

Call for Fast Commercial Water Heater Repair in San Jose, CA Today!

Having hot water is important for your business. This component of your plumbing system should work as well as any other part. We know that when your hot water isn’t working well that it can create problems for your business. Let us help you today! Call Plumbing for exceptional repair, installation, and maintenance services.

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