Storm Drain Cleaning and Repair Services

Storm drains are designed to catch rainwater, collect it, and move it away from buildings. When a storm drain does its job properly, properties stay watertight. However, if a drain is clogged it is harder for it to do its job. At Plumbing, we assist commercial property owners with storm drain cleanout to prevent flooding and sewage backups.

Cleaning, repairing, and replacing blocked or damaged storm drains is something we take great pride in completing quickly and for less out-of-pocket expense than any other plumbing service in San Jose. During times of heavy precipitation, leaves, asphalt, sediment, sand, and other debris can be pushed into storm drains and cause clogs. Over time, as this debris builds, all it takes is another heavy rain event for flooding to occur, which can damage the physical structure on the property and flood a yard or parking lot.

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The Local Storm Drain Experts

Most commercial property owners are unaware of the state of their storm drain systems. However, if a backup occurs and your business is flooded the city is not responsible for damages. This expense will fall to you.

So, what can you do today to prevent flooding or sewage backups? Call the experts. Plumbing technicians are licensed and trained to use innovative equipment that scours the inside of storm drains. We use hydro-jetting tools to clear storm drains completely. This service is economical and highly effective. It’s your best defense against sludge and other debris that is making itself comfortable in your property’s storm drain.

How Can I Prevent Storm Drain Flooding?

Regular storm drain cleaning is the best defense. Drain clean out once a year is sufficient for most businesses; whereas, businesses in the food service industry should consider quarterly cleanouts.

Other ways to prevent flooding is to install grates or other barriers that allow water to move into the drain while keeping large debris out. Of course, you’ll still be at risk for sand particles, dirt, sediments, and asphalt wash-off, so even the best barriers won’t prevent the need for drain cleaning every now and then.

Storm drains are a mystery to most property owners. So, don’t be afraid to call with questions. We answer our telephones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll always speak to an actual person and will have access to storm drain repair and replacement services on your schedule – not ours!