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The Best Local Plumbing Specialists for Plumbing Services in Castro Valley, CA!

With a combined plumbing heritage that is over 90 years in length, there can be no doubt that Plumbing is the local emergency plumber that residents and business owners have come to trust for all of their plumbing repair needs. We show up on time and ready to help no matter what has gone wrong with the pipes and drains located in your Castro Valley, CA, home or business. We know the latest tools and all of the technology necessary to do things like sewer line repair, pipe repair and replacement, drain cleaning, electronic leak detection and leak repair, clogged drain repair and water heater repair and installation. We know that Castro Valley, CA, is filled with beautiful homes in a beautiful valley that people take pride in. That is why we are the best certified, licensed, bonded and insured plumbers in the area and we make sure we are honest, friendly and reliable, too. We strive to be the best and provide the most reliable, certified plumbing service in Castro Valley, CA!

*Fun Fact! Castro Valley, CA, was named after a soldier in the Mexican rancher named Don Guillermo Castro.

The Top Rated Experts in Electronic Leak Detection and Drain Cleaning Services in Castro Valley, CA!

We know how to find the problems and fix them. There are so many pipes that are hidden from view, behind the walls and beneath the foundation of your Castro Valley, CA, home. We are expert techs in using electronic leak detection methods to find leaks in pipes you cannot see and repairing them. We also know how to do a video camera inspection to find clogged drains from things like grease, hair, food and other dirt and debris. If we find clogs we can remove them using hydro-jetting technology that uses high pressure water jets to clean them away.

Local Residential Plumbers and Commercial Plumbers for Fast Plumbing Repairs

We also know how to do the complicated things whether you own a business or a home in Castro Valley, CA. We will fix the clogs and the leaks in the pipes, but we can handle the big jobs, too. We do so without leaving behind mess for you to clean up when we’re done. We can do things like trenchless sewer line repair that will fix leaking sewer lines and other sewer problems without digging up the yard and making a mess. We also make sure the water temperature is just right by doing water heater repair and installation including the new tankless water heaters.

Just Call!

Call us. That’s all you need to do. Even if you find the problem in the middle of the night or on a holiday then call Plumbing and we’ll get someone out to you. We even provide plumbing service in Cupertino and other locations in the San Jose metro area. We’ll provide you with written estimates in advance and if you find our coupon you can save even more money. Call now!

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