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Sometimes the pipes break inside the walls or that pesky sink drain clogs up and the water backs up into your home. That causes damage and it can happen day or night, on a weekend, on a holiday or anytime. That’s why at Plumbing we are the Stanford plumber that offers 24 hour plumbers who are expert technicians who can resolve those problems fast and right. Stanford residents are people who take pride in their homes or businesses and the area is famous for its university, but there are also great residents and great businesses there. We show up on time and we are ready to help with pipe repair and replacement, leak detection and leak repair, clogged drain repair, plumbing fixture repair or more. If it has to do with the plumbing inside your home or business, we are the expert technicians who can fix it.

*Fun Fact! A large amount of Stanford’s population is students, graduate students and people who live in on-campus house and student apartment housing.

Licensed Professionals for Drain Cleaning and Leak Repairs

We can even find hidden leaks. Yes, there are often emergencies, and sometimes those hidden leaks can cause damage to a foundation or wall over time, but we can stop that. We are technicians who are experts in electronic leak detection and we can do a video camera inspection to seek out those leaks and our plumbers can fix them. Our reliable, trusted and certified plumbers can also stop clogs from forming inside the pipes and drains with drain cleaning that uses hydrojetting technology to clear out dirt and debris.

Did you know we provide service throughout San Mateo? If you need a plumber in Sunnyvale or a tech in South San Francisco, we’re the guys to call!

Hot Water Heater Repair and Sewer Line Repair

We can do it all. We can install a new hot water heater if you call us for our hot water heater repair and installation. We can even install and maintain new tankless hot water heaters. Those can save you money. We can also stop raw sewage from backing up into your home and causing costly damage with our trenchless sewer line repair. No matter what the job is or what it has to do with the water inside your home, we can fix it.

We’re Available Today!

Contact us today! We will arrive at your home fast, getting there on time, and get whatever job you need taken care of done right away. Our work is guaranteed and our plumbers are licensed, bonded, insured and certified. There is also a coupon available for Stanford residents to save even more money. Call now!

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