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The city of Lakewood has relied on the local emergency plumber service available at Plumbing for a while now. The Lakewood community has been around since 1954, but then grew rapidly and is now one of the premier places in Los Angeles County to raise a family. We love being a part of that community because we are plumbing experts who consider customer service to be important. For example, even if you call us right in the middle of the night, or on a weekend or even if it’s a holiday we will show up on time and get the job done right. We can handle the clogged drain repair, pipe repair, leak repair and more. If there’s something that has broken and is causing damage to your Lakewood home you need to call us because we have affordable, licensed, bonded and reliable plumbing repair services available anytime.

*Fun Fact! Lakewood, CA, is the home to the very first Denny’s restaurant which was originally called Danny’s Donuts.

Around the Corner for Leak Detection and Drain Cleaning Services

We will clean out the pipes and drains inside your Lakewood home or business. We can use electronic leak detection techniques such as video camera inspection that will look behind the walls and beneath the foundations of your home or business to find hidden leaks. We will get the leaks fixed, but we can also stop the clogs from forming. Our drain cleaning services include hydrojetting technology to clear out dirt and debris inside your drains and pipes and stop costly clogs. All of our services are affordable, dependable, reliable, and trusted.

Experienced Commercial Plumbing and Residential Plumbing Services

We are the guys who get there on time and provide the most reliable plumbing services in Lakewood. We are the Lakewood plumbers who can handle plumbing for businesses and homes. We will also keep the water temperature just right with our affordable hot water heater repair and installation. Stop costly sewage backups with our certified, licensed, trenchless sewer line repair.

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Don’t wait another moment with leaking pipes, water backing up into your home or cold showers. Contact us today and ask about our coupon for Lakewood residents and save more money on our affordable and reliable, top-rated plumbing services!

Did you know Plumbing is available in all South Bay cities? When you need plumbing service in Lawndale, Hawaiian Gardens, Artesia, or another community, call us today!

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