South Bay Commercial Storm Drain Cleanout

Rainstorms bring much needed moisture to drought-prone regions of the South Bay, but they can also bring devastation if your property’s storm drain is congested. At Plumbing of the South Bay, we receive calls from panicked customers during rainstorms all the time. Their storm drains are backed up from debris and sludge that have built up over time and now the water cannot flow through away from the property.

The outcome? Flooded businesses, soaked parking lots, sewage leaking into the property, and expensive water damage.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to happen to you. Not if you take preemptive measures and have your property’s storm drains inspected on a regular schedule.

How Storm Drains Work

Most people don’t really understand the purpose of the storm drain on their property. That’s okay. That’s our job. But, it never hurts to have a general idea of how the various components of your property’s plumbing system works. That being said. . .

Storm drains have two functions. They are responsible for accepting rainwater and then moving that water away from the property. When blockages exist within the drain, these two functions cannot be performed properly. During a minor rain shower, you may not notice a problem. It is only when the rain gets heavy that it because a problem in the blink of an eye.

Preventing Storm Drain Flooding

There are two ways that  business owners can prevent damage from blocked storm drains. The first way is to be aware of potential problems. Consider those smaller rain showers. Have you noticed water pooling around the drain or slowly draining? Have you noticed more water than normal appearing in places near the drain?

These are signs that the storm drain may not be getting rid of water fast enough. If the rain picks up or lasts for several days at a time, flooding could occur if the drain has a substantial clog.

Another way to prevent storm drain flooding is to develop a regular cleaning schedule. Plumbing recommends that business owners in the South Bay call for storm drain cleaning at least once a year. These drains swallow trash, vehicle oil, sediment, sand, and other material more frequently than you can imagine. Over time, sludge forms and needs to be removed.

If you own or operate a food-based company such as a restaurant, you may need to perform cleanouts more often. Perhaps once every quarter.

Contact your local, licensed South Bay plumber hero for more information about your particular situation.

Affordable Cable and Camera Cleanout Service

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