Storm Drain Cleaning and Repair Services

If you have a storm drain on your property that hasn’t been serviced in a while, you could be at risk of flooding or sewage backup during periods of heavy precipitation. Depending on where your property is located in the county, you can experience anywhere from 5 – 60 inches of rain annually. This disparity in average annual rainfall is typical because of the topography of the county. However, whether your commercial property is in a drier part of the region or one of the wettest areas, it is important that its storm drain can handle any amount of rain you may experience.

At Plumbing, we take storm drain cleaning very seriously. Every year,  business are flooded because of inadequate storm drain performance. Most of the time the reason for failure is the direct result of blocked drains. Regular cleaning and other maintenance can protect your property from flooding.

Ask Us about Our Storm Drain Cleaning Special

Storm drains collect rainwater, but these contraptions also collect debris such as asphalt runoff, sediment, sand, trash, and other materials that turn into a sludge that coats the sides of storm drains, turning into large obstructions over time. Once a storm drain becomes obstructed, all it takes is a decent amount of precipitation to lead to a flooding emergency.

Take care of blocked storm drains today!

Our storm drain clean out special is economically priced and top-rated among Ventura County businesses. Don’t risk costly property damage. For minimal cost, you can protect your business from water damage and keep it from shutting down.

How We Clean Out Storm Drains

Our drain cleaning methods are proven to be the most effective at getting rid of the toughest clogs. We use hydro-jetting and, in some cases, drain cleaning solutions. Here’s a quick overview of our services.


Our hydro-jetting equipment is operated by trained, licensed plumbers. A pressurized stream of water is directed into the storm drain and scours the inside of the drain breaking up the toughest obstructions. Cleaning storm drains in this manner once a year is highly effective at keeping rainwater moving in the right direction.

Cleaning Solutions

We always advise our customers against using chemical drain cleaners in the drains inside their home and the same advice applies to storm drains. Not only can these cleaners corrode pipes, but they can also release contaminants into the plumbing system. Our drain care products are different. Whether it’s a product to dissolve tree roots or liquefy grease, our solutions are environmentally responsible and safe for all storm drains.

If you’re concerned about the state of your property’s storm drain, call us. Is your home experiencing flooding and you need emergency service? Call us right now!

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